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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adam Lambert Gives Us His Trespassing

Adam Lambert's hot, new album, Trespassing, dropped in time to make a big splash for June, Gay Pride month (officially declared by the President of the United States this year). Lambert historically became the first out gay singer (emphasis on "out") to have a #1 album on the US Billboard and in Canada.

This album is nothing short of fabulous with a heavy emphasis on dance and techno, all expertly produced by our hot Idol exec producer and principal writer.

"Outlaws of Love," the song that concludes the 12-track set (a deluxe edition includes three bonus tracks), is a sensitive ballad magnificently sung with the right mix of bravado and subtlety, and a touch of Ray Orbison. Every gay person will relate to this number as will most anyone who feels like an outsider. Can we forgive those who trespass against us?

"Better than I Know Myself," the first single (with remixes) pretty much tanked commercially. Though I rather liked some of the mixes, I think it was an odd choice as a debut single. A ballad on the album, it is certainly not one of the strongest tracks. The mixes of the second single being fired off Trespassing, "Never Close Our Eyes" (written by Bruno Mars) are much more robust, particularly the Almighty (UK) club mix. You can give it a listen:

The title song that opens the album has a hot, urban, techno quality to it with echos of Michael Jackson, as does the second track, "Cukoo." But dig the '70s funk of "Shady" with classic disco-era producer Nile Rogers (Chic, Diana Ross). A masterpiece! "Kickin' In" has an '80s Prince quality to it, meanwhile. And all this is a testimony to the star's vocal versatility and incredible range.

One of my personal favorites on Trespassing is "Pop That Lock," displaying Adam's upper range beautifully. It shouldn't be ignored as a floor-filler, remixed or as is.

Highly recommended album; a future classic I'm predicting. Put it in your collection; it will sound great generations from now!

(Meanwhile, our American Idol is off, filling Freddie Mercury's shoes as part of the new Queen tour. Only he could tackle this credibly. They've already started performing in Eastern Europe. Any feedback from you guys? Please reply to this blog.)

But don't just trust me regarding Trespassing. Here's what Rolling Stone raved:

"So here's the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make, ever since he ran wild on American Idol three years ago. It wasn't just Glambert's dynamite-with-a-laser-beam voice that got him into our national knickers: It was his warmth, his humor, his burlesque bravado. His 2010 debut, For Your Entertainment, was a typical Idol quickie – decent, but it needed more personality. Trespassing delivers, with a mix of tinsel disco-club sleaze and leather-boy love ballads. While he excels in a radio cheddar bomb like "Naked Love," he gets deeper in slow jams like "Underneath" and "Outlaws of Love." But all over Trespassing, Glambert sings everything like Zeus in a thong."

Zeus in a thong! Now that's a tasty little thought!


  1. *Zeus in a Thong*!! UNF!! we (Glamberts) have trouble controlling ourselves just looking at him fully clothed!
    He's got *it* all like nobody I've ever seen or heard before. And I've lived thru Sinatra, Elvis, MJ, etc.! Love that knows no bounds and passes all understanding is what we live with daily!

  2. He's the IT boy, Anon, for sure, especially for gay men like nobody before him. And that incredible voice is sexy in & of itself!