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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cyndi Lauper Poll Revealed ... and More!

Cyndi in the new Uniqlo ad in Japan
I thought I should share with people who took my most recent poll (and with non-participants alike) just how things turned out. The poll closed the day before NYC Pride (in other words, two days ago), and the question was: "What remixed Cyndi song best captures the spirit of Pride 2012?" It really was that ridiculously simple, although I posted seven choices and surprised even my own self that "The Ballad of Cleo and Joe," a song about a drag queen, wasn't one of them! What was I wasn't thinking?  (Who am I trying to kid? It would have never won anyhow! Ha!)

The winner of the poll, then, was "True Colors" (like, gasp!) with 13 votes, compared to three for classic and many, many, many times remixed "Time After Time," two for "Shine" (What?), one each for "Same Old Fucking Story" and "Into the Nightlife" (off her "Bring Ya to the Brink" dance album) (What?), absolutely zip for either "Girls Just Wanna..." (guess you girls didn't wanna!) or Cyn's cover of "Disco Inferno." And there you have it, voters. Of course, when you consider the voter apathy issue, things might have turned out much different, bitches! Just sayin'.

Here's a photo of Cyndi, looking fab in her red top-hat at yesterday's NYC march, as Grand Marshal.
Prideful Cyndi 2012
(Love the lashes.) The two New York City commuter-friendly community free papers, AM New York and Metro, commented very positively on the parade that I didn't attend. "More than 1 million in the streets," said Metro. "Two months after President Barak Obama says he supports gay marriage...," we are also reminded. And, "Festivities come one year after New York state legalizes gay marriage." Oh, right! Last year! Isn't that quaint?

Metro tells commuters that the rare protester of the event was either ignored or dissed. And why shouldn't they be? Nobody but nobody is gonna rain on our parade! Not with all the glorious sunlight showering down and Ms Lauper upfront and center.

In AM New York, another glowing, crowing article about the eventful day with an interview with observer George Takei (Sulu from the original Star Trek series, and an out, and outspoken, gay man). "It's terrific! It's galactic!" he raved. Trippy!

Kinky Cyndi
"I was as grand a marshal as I could have been," our diva tweeted. Not only that, she performed at the newly located Dance on the Pier. She has a new disco tune about to drop, which she previewed during her performance. The song, "Sex in the Heel" is from the forthcoming Broadway play, Kinky Boots, music and lyrics by Cyndi, book by Harvey Fierstein, directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell! Wow! (Ok, where the cast at?)

Cyndi was  more than Grand Marshal! Just keep rockin' us with "True Colors" and beyond!

Below, from YouTube, the forthcoming Morel remix of "Sex in the Heel." Get your cha-cha heels on!:

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