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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gay Pride 2012: Out of the Game

When the parade passes by 12 Fifth Avenue today, Sunday, LGBT Pride Day in Manhattan, I won't be there. For the first time in 19 years, I will not be in front of that building, with friends and neighbors, as the floats and bands and organizations, the go-go boys and drag queens, the club divas, Dykes on Bikes and even grand marshal Cyndi Lauper go by. You see, I've decided to sit it out.

Now, don't cry for me, New York City. The truth is that's the way I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh! I had a rough year's end to 2011 with my Mom unexpectedly passing on October 1 and then, at the same time, my 12 /5 landlord informed me the building was being sold and huge renovations were being planned for my rent-stabilized apartment which would be very disruptive to my day-to-day living and to my dj-ing.

But a miracle came to me: for only a little over $100 more a month, an entire floor-through apartment in Bay Ridge became available. I was living in a cramped, anachronistic studio where I still had to pull on a chain to turn on the ceiling light because the landlord refused to install a wall switch. ("Too costly.") In Bay Ridge, I'm comparably living like a movie star. And the only other tenant in the building is my long-time good friend in the floor-through below, with a deli on street level. I finally have a place for everything. Can I get everything in its place?

Anyhow, today, I just wanted to breathe! I'll sit this one out. Jo Ellen invited me to march with the Middle Collegiate Church group . (Thank, you, Jo Ellen!)  But I ultimately decided I'm really just fine at home, listening to my Adam Lambert and Rufus Wainwright albums. Like Rufus, I'm "Out of the Game," but liking it. Maybe I'll throw in a couple of bloody marys for my very private party. I have a place to pull together this year! I was happy to get my Pride on with Interactive Mommie Dearest at the Ziegfeld Thursday night, , Tom Judson at The Metropolitan Room on Friday , and my exclusive Q&A with club diva Debby Holiday;postID=8999082659903890660 !

But Happy Pride to everyone gathered in Manhattan today, whether watching or marching! Let the sunshine beam down upon it all once more. I'll catch you next go-round!

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