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Friday, June 22, 2012

Suave, Smooth & Sexy

Tom Judson performed last night at the Metropolitan Room (I adore that space) in Chelsea. He is tall, suave and talented. Is it any wonder he went from legit Broadway performer to porn star (under the name, Gus Mattox)! And then, on to cabaret solo artist? He even accompanies himself, quite nicely, on piano.

Looking sexy in a white tux and black tie, I gasped several times, ensconced in our comfy booth. (I was with my good friend and cabaret critic for New York Edge, Kevin Scott Hall. All I got served was one lousy beer... with ice... in a glass. (I don't work bottles!)) The gasping, however, was due to Mr J's eclectic selection of songs that dovetailed beautifully with personal faves of my own portfolio of the mind.

"Sunshine, Lollipops & Roses," the Leslie Gore number written by Marvin Hamlisch? An obscure 1962 Henry Mancini tune (Oscar nominee)? "Follow Me" from Camelot?

Judson did beautiful obscurities as well: Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Summer (and Cocktails)," lyrics by Alan Ayckbourn from the flop West Ender, Jeeves; a gay love song by Alan Cumming; and a pseudo-Hoagy Carmichael number written by the performer himself.

Our charming singer/pianist also sang the Simon & Garfunkel tune, "For Emily Wherever I May Find Her." Again, I gasped! (One of my favorite S&G tunes.) But Tom winningly introduced this by talking about the day that Art Garfunkel called and asked him to do a piano session at the singer's penthouse. Asked, after the fact, how much Judson would be charging, the artist spewed out blindly, "Oh, $20 an hour." Consequently, after two hours and twenty minutes of work, Art Garfunkel wrote our performer out a $58.25 check, right to the penny.

At the meet-&-greet afterwards, Kevin and I bought Tom Judson's tell-all, Laid Bare: Essays & Observations, to share. We actually described our housemates relationship to him as Mary & Rhoda-gone-Patsy & Edina. The strapping, sophisticated entertainer seemed to be mildly amused as I stared at his big ears and decided I must get one of those Chi-Chi LaRue videos with him in it.I find myself gasping yet again.

He autographed our copy of the book, adding the words: "To two fun guys!"

I wonder if he really meant it?

Below, the hottie performs at The Provincetown Arts Theater. (Who knew he had a tattoo? He really knows how to clean up real good.) Still, suave, sexy, smooth vocals and piano work on display here.

Happy Pride 2012 to all!

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