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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen's Hollywood Babble On

Well, it was a couple of days of prattle and tattle, lots of it involving figures in the world of pop music. Let me clue you in:

Darlene Love, on Tuesday, proudly announced, "My agent just informed me the United Nations purchased ALL the tickets to my show at 54 Below Theatre on Monday August 6th which means it's completely SOLD OUT!!!! I wonder who will be showing up!" Well, so do I!  I imagine a room of global dignitaries, guzzling cocktails, letting the weight of the world melt from their shoulders to Darlene belting out "He's A Rebel." Of course, that may not so relaxing for members of the General Assembly, especially those from countries like Yemen and Pakistan.

Maybe Dj Buddy B can get a Q&A with the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer before her next 54 Below performance. (I've got a Q&A coming up soon with another fabulous, powerhouse diva!) I'll keep you posted on both fronts.

Can you believe screen heartthrob and TCM favorite Tab Hunter is 81 today? His autobiography is very gentlemanly. The only performer he didn't seem to get along with was Tallulah Bankhead (drunk and mean when they were in the Tennessee Williams Broadway flop,  The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore), and he even limits saying anything negative about her. Still good-looking, with a still athletic build, he's still performing (dinner theater). Gay fans know him best for starring twice with Divine, in Polyester and in Lust in the Dust. He also had an affair with Anthony Perkins. It's in the book.

It was Miss Britney Spears who left X Factor in the dust due to her spontaneous hissy fit. San Francisco Chronicle claims she "left the set of 'The X-Factor' auditions in North Carolina on Monday after a contestant, dressed in drag, destroyed her pop hit '(You Drive Me) Crazy.'"

How could you "destroy" that?

"Music mogul Reid appeared to feel Spears’ pain during the audition – he patted the singer on the back as Lovato and Cowell tried to hide their disbelief by covering their faces with their hands," said Or hiding their laughing at a fellow judge.

Simon Cowell, astute as ever, told the contestant, “I don’t think she quite understood your tribute.”

"Spears returned to her seat moments later and added, 'I really respect the tribute. It was really nice," the Chronicle adds.  C'mon! She was told to say that when the producers turned missy around backstage and pushed her back onto the set, reminding her just what that big, fat paycheck is for.

If there's a cruel joke here at all, it was played by the show's producers.

The very tall, dark and very handsome actor, Cheyenne Jackson, has joined the HBO cast of Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover, Scott Thorson. Steven (Magic Mike) Soderbergh directs. I hope Cheyenne has a shirtless scene or two. Why, I would have named this film Beyond the Valley of the Candelabras!

Thank God, when I went to Vegas to see Bette Midler perform, I went out to the desert, beyond the valley, to The Liberace Museum (now defunct). It smelled as if Libby was buried right there, under the floorboards! Incredible.

And, now, two odd facts I want to share with you because I love you:

Fact #1 from Unicorn Booty: "A new study suggests the key to avoiding morning sickness – or the cure for those afflicted with it – is devouring as much of your babydaddy’s semen as humanly possible." It also suggests semen is a cure for nausea. But, really, ladies and gents, can you imagine going in to your partner, waking him up in bed, and saying: "Darling, I think I'm going to puke. Do you mind if I...?"

I think not.  Of course, Joan Crawford had it on hand in a refrigerator. Good for her complexion she swore, applying it as a moisturizer. So you might take that into consideration as far as preparedness is concerned.

Fact #2 comes from my friend, Jennifer Lott Randall: "300 A.D. Christian martyr St. Apollonia, the patron saint of dentistry, is burned by the Romans after having her teeth extracted." We Catholics have a patron saint for oral hygiene! In 300 A.D., that meant just bashing all your teeth out. And St. Apollonia was put to death by the Tea Party of her time for being toothless! (I admit it's not the chicest look for a girl.) Still, I'll never again bitch about dental procedures or orthodontia!
Well, I hope you've had your fill of my gab and blab. Until our next gossip corner, best wishes and all my love, Buddy B!

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