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Monday, July 2, 2012

Subway Poem # 10

A lighthearted ditty for this summery day in light of breaking news. (And it's all true!) As wisely suggested to me, I am now naming the subway poems:

The Way Out

we were on the e train once
alone. together.
nobody spoke or stared
 at the subway celebrity; 
i thought it odd he took the train,
in my car, like salt of the earth,
he could have had his magic carpet come.
off we stepped: chelsea, 
suit slung over shoulder,
dry-cleaning bag,
dressed down,
bluejeans, sneakers, t-shirt.
 not much taller than me, 
larger on tv;
where does he find 
his workout time?
he's much busier than i.
we moved parallel
down the platform 
towards the far exit
as if
on our own underground tracks.
he turned to me,
i smiled back, 
an acknowledgement.
out from underground together.

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