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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gaga Goes Vogue 2012

Here is the photograph that will grace Vogue's cover for its 120th issue. It is the magazine's September issue and will be on stands August 21.

Gaga looks glam in a fuscia, mermaid-shaped, torpedo-tittied, off-the-shoulder, patchwork gown designed by Marc Jacobs. The pop star leaked the cover on Twitter, which is said to have made Anna Wintour unhappy, but I suspect that's just hype and Ms Wintour is thrilled with la publicite.

"Sorry Anna but the underground kids deserve it. bisous!" Lady Gaga tweeted. "AHHH! The Vogue Express dropped off the SEPTEMBER ISSUE yesterday morning. IM A COVER GIRL, and ITS FAB!"

Isn't it, though? Platinum Bride of Frankenstein hair and all! Still, Mama Monster Gaga looks fairly demure here, giving natural face courtesy of a subtle and subdued make-up job. 

Vogue is now previewing their forthcoming issue, cover and all, on their website now.

Incidentally, Lady Gaga's new fragrance, "Fame," hits stores in September. "[B]eautiful, with a dark heart," is how the diva romantically described the new scent. Promotional tie-ins at their best.

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