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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where My Gay Boys At? This Week's Billboard Dance Chart

Again, a totally biased and selective sorting out of the latest, top 25 Billboard Top Dance/Club tracks. Let's go where the boys are this week, namely two openly gay artists, Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters and Adam Lambert. Lambert's number, "Never Close Our Eyes," is a dancefloor beauty and it is propelled on the latest Billboard chart by several commendable extended remixes, my favorite being the Almighty mix. Here's hoping it's taken higher, all the way to #1, where it deserves to be.

Scissor Sisters' "Only the Horses" galloped to fifth place, only to be corralled at #16 this week, down five rungs from last week's #11 spot. However, "Let's Have a Kiki," #30 on Billboard Dance last week, has boogied on up to #18 on our latest outing, giving Sisters Sisters two top-25 charters from their new album simultaneously.

This week's #1 spot is currently coveted by Jenifer Lopez. Her "Goin' In" has gone in and toppled Kylie Minogue from her perch. "Timebomb" has been deactivated and relegated to the #5 spot, where fallen number-ones are prone to land, it seems. Katy Perry landed there last week after being trounced from her #1  by Kylie; her "Wide Awake" finds itself at #7 this time out. Divas may find themselves sitting pretty in the world of dance-music charts, but theirs is unfortunately always a short shelf life.

Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side" nudges up one spot, from third to second place, possibly looking at the #1 spot next week. Of course, Madonna is the week's "Greatest Gainer," according to Billboard, with "Turn Up the Radio" turning up the diva heat and bounding its way up from last week's #19 to the current #8 spot. There's no reason to believe Madge couldn't make another leap of this sort next week, finding itself at #1 against her stalwart competition.

Cyndi Lauper's frankly fabulous "Sex Is in the Heel" staggers up to #13 from 18th place last go-round. I'm hoping it will find itself in the top ten next week, then make its way even higher, with the tippy-top a real possibility for her as well.

Of the nuevo, femme-fronted rock groups, Florence & the Machine arrives at 14th place with "Spectrum (Say My Name)" while Gossip drops precipitously from its #8 peak to #19.

And that rounds out this week's Billboard dance hits (as all upcoming tracks from 20 through 25 are not worth discussing, to put it bluntly. Remember, this is a completely subjective overview.)

Meanwhile, keep dancing! Dance music brings us together; dance music is on a global mission for peace. People all over the world, participate! And a big, special cry out of thanks this week to my blog's readers in Indonesia, Phillipines, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico, France, Canada, Colombia and Argentina!

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