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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lay On, MacDrama

Gentle readers, it is nothing less than a miracle that Dj Buddy B has been able to blog at all during the past weeks. You see, in a rare moment of gauche, gawkish gracelessness, my usually dexterous self managed to drop a drink right atop my MacBook Pro's keyboard, frying the shit out of it.

So I headed right on over to TekServe, Apple dealers on West 23rd St. It's a much ginchier place than the glass-and-steel Apple stores, and I prefer to shop and do business there. Turned out that damages due to getting the computer wet is not covered by the warranty. I'm sure there are no shortage of wet keyboards out there, but this was strictly that way due to a beverage malfunction.

The cost through TekServe was $559. If they sent it to Apple, the cost would be just under $800. I stuck with TekServe. Estimated service was one week. Actual service was ten days.

But now my laptop's back in my arms again, I'm so satisfied. No more sticky keyboards for this boy! I'm now keeping all drinks away from the muthafucka!

Back in business, I'm grateful for my friend loaning me his Mac, and to the computer at the office, both of which allowed me to get past the dysfunction junction. They helped me to keep current with my blog (and Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc.). There's just one hitch: I've been told the computer now suffers from a malfunctioning sensor. So far, I've detected a very slight tardiness from pre-spill days but I don't mind it for now. Replacing the sensor? An added $800; at that cost, I'll just buy a new laptop.

But for now, baby's back! The dog days are petering out and the Social Season is about to breeze in, and I'll be blogging about new music, new performances, cds, film, theater and exclusive interviews, so stay posted!

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Sweet dreams tonight, I tell you!


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