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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forever Girly

This is a tribute to Helen Gurley Brown, who left us at age 90. Without her, there would be no Sex & the City, whose characters weren't just cosmo girls, they were Cosmo Girls, the embodiment of the ethos of Cosmopolitan magazine and Ms Brown, its editor-and-chief.

In 1962, at age 40, she wrote the bestselling Sex & the Single Girl, helping to spearhead the sexual revolution. In '65, she was brought onboard at Cosmopolitan, turning the struggling 'zine into a phenomenal success, telling women they could have it all: "love, sex and money!" Feminists like Betty Freidan and Germaine Greer did not support Brown's material-girl approach to women's liberation. Still, it had a hot heyday throughout the '70s, especially.

Below, a very sexy sequence from the film version of Sex & the Single Girl, starring Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis when they were at their hottest. The film is loosely adopted from the book.

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