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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Ever Happened to La La Brooks?

When the above post was created, I decided that would be the end of story, at least on my blog, no matter what drama continued. But, as things stand, I find that's so very hard to do.

Let me just add that I love Love and Brooks. I adore their voices. I enjoy seeing them perform. But La La has decided to sink her teeth into Darlene and it's becoming not only a public embarrassment on our Ms Brooks' Facebook page but a question of possible litigation. In her one rebuttal, Darlene Love, recently recovered from surgery for her heart attack, described La La's attacks as slanderous, and I for one smell litigation in the making.

When does one's free expression of thought become an issue of public harassment and/ or slander? La La is currently testing the parameters, having gone so far beyond the pall that I am beginning to lose respect for her, to be frank. Shouldn't La La be placing her energy in reviving her own career and not obsessively picking at the scabs of who was a real Crystal, and who sang "Da Doo Ron Ron" initially? Let go, baby, it's in the girl-group, Phil Spector past. So many psychic scars from those days. Ronnie knows and built a new show around it. As Ronnie warns in a song, "You can't put your arms around a memory/Don't try, don't try...."

In her single reply to your ranting, Ms Love said she related to you as a survivor of those Spector days and was hurt by your remarks. You ignored the olive branch and went on.

Who is pumping you up to keep tearing away at Ms Love on Facebook? This is not approprate discussion on such a public forum. As a friend of mine asked me privately, where the fuck is your manager? What is he getting paid for? Why doesn't he step in as you are out of bounds?

You have become a joke. Ms Blah Blah Babbling Brooks. Bette Davis never ripped into Joan Crawford with this much vitriol.

I enjoy your many recollections about "the old days" and working with Phil. But I am turned off by your unrelenting attacks on Ms Love. Kindly stop and proceed in a positive, productive kind of a way.

Ginger Casey made an attempt to smooth things over on your Facebook, yet you attacked her, her husband and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Honey, you don't need Phil to petition against The Crystals induction now!

Are you high, are you going insane? These are things I wonder as I read your cruel, paranoid hissy fits. I can't believe you've gone this far and it makes me sad. Even a frequent-posting Facebook friend suggested you get to bed after a full night of frothing at the mouth.

Last weekend, at the Laura Nyro tribute in Damrosch Park, I was speaking to a young woman, bringing up the gala Ponderosa Stomp Girl Group concert from last year. She asked if I knew La La Brooks. I said I didn't know you personally but you were nothing short of fabulous doing "River Deep, Mountain High" at that show's finale. She told me she met you in the neighborhood in the Village and thought you were very sweet.

That was encouraging. Please concentrate on your career, not on Darlene. It's uncomely for you to air dirty laundry in public.

Ta ta, La La! I'm hoping you get a grip. I'm sure you are nice to know. Let us know that sweetness again and let's hear more of your great talent, less of your bitter bile.


  1. I love both Ms. Brooks and Ms. Love and respect them both musically. But with Ms. Brooks continually attacking Ms. Love on a public forum,like this well frankly, its embarrassing at this point.

    It makes her look like nothing but a vengeful and spiteful person. I've spoken to her personally and I really don't believe that is who she is. So I am begging her to stop.

    If she feels that something must be done, do it in the proper forum...a courtroom.

    And yes, her manager should LONG AGO known better. He should have stepped in and explained how bad this makes her look and how it is definitely possible that a lawsuit could be forthcoming if she doesn't halt.

    I really do understand she doesn't want Ms. Love or anyone for that matter to steal credits that are rightfully hers and no one should have that happen to them, but Facebook, Twitter, not the proper forum for a nasty drag out fight like this. Either handle the situation legally or contact Ms. Love personally and request a retraction a public apology. And Ms. Brooks' manager needs to start earning whatever his fee is and settle this the right way and should have done so long ago.

    Ms. Brooks is a terrific singer, performer and personality and when I have spoken to her she was nothing but lovely. I just wish she would realize that it is more important at this point in her career to concentrate fully on the future and stop dwelling on the past. Enough it quite enough. She is too good and too talented to be acting out like this.

  2. A woman by the name of Connie Gordon tried to make peace on Facebook as a friend of La La. Ms B tore into her like a rottweiler attacking a bunny! Whazzup, Pussycat? (Too much fuzzy imagery?)

  3. You can delete this after you read it but you are one crazy fucking idiot.