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Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Week Reviewed: Andy Williams, Bagel Heads, The Electrician Cometh

Iconic crooner Andy Williams passed away this week, yet another loss this year for the world of pop music. I loved watching his Emmy Award-winning variety tv series when I was growing up, and our record rack was full of Andy Williams albums as he appealed to my entire family, from my grandmother to my kid brother.

Williams was closely associated with the Mancini/Mercer "Moon River" (theme song for the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's") and the theme song for "The Days of Wine and Roses." Oddly, the immensely popular "Moon River" was never released as a single. He was also known for his several Christmas albums over the years, and his holiday tv specials.

I also think of him as the stalwart ex-husband who stood by Claudine Longet. As Wikipedia describes it, "In March 1976, Longet was charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend.... Williams played a public role in the subsequent events, escorting her to and from the courtroom, testifying to her character at the trial and providing legal assistance.  Longet claimed the shooting was accidental ["I was cleaning the gun and it just went off!" ~~ Buddy B.], and eventually received 30 days in jail. Shortly thereafter, Longet went on vacation in Mexico with her defense attorney, Ron Austin, whom she married in June 1985."

By the way, does anyone else think Andy bore an uncanny resemblance to British movie and stage actor, Peter Cushing? 

R.I.P., Andy Williams. You were the model of the '60s crooner and of the appeal of easy listening, and a gentleman to the end.

Now, what's with this crazy Japanese fad, the Bagel Head, that was on the news this week? Saline is shot into the forehead with a thumb imprinting the center, creating a bagel-shaped impression. I love bagels but I'm not sure I'd want to wear one on my head! I wouldn't want to go to a supermarket with one. Hungry shoppers might want to take a bite out of my temple!

However, since I love to be trendy, should I go with this, could I get mine with lox and cream cheese? Or could they give me a roast chicken leg impression? How about a cheeseburger? With fries.

The Examiner reports: "If not done correctly, [the procedure] can cause you to have problems processing salt. This can cause dehydration. There is also a huge risk of infection.

"If you do it several times, your skin could end up stretching out and not wanting to go back to its normal shape. This is not attractive at all." Really?

Andy Williams would never have gotten a Bagel Head make-over, that's for sure. Claudine Longet? Mmmm.... perhaps.

Like a scenario out of a gay porno flick, I had a hot-bodied electrician in tight blue jeans and clinging t-shirt show up in the middle of the night with his big tool box.  He was due on Wednesday at 6 but arrived Thursday at 7:45.  All was forgiven when I got a gander at the Caribbean hunk (accent unspecified) with chiselled features.

Although he reported the wiring in the house is dry rotted and the place could go up like a matchbox at any time, we had a good time together.  He pointed out he had a glass, two-tier coffee table just like mine.  Bought it at Siemens. I told him I got mine at This'n'That second-hand shop, Bay Ridge, $25.

He lives in Park Slope. Works mostly in Manhattan. Does business with a lot of downtown clubs and bars, and has celebrity clients. He's doing Cynthia Nixon's digs in the East Village at the moment. He shared his pictures with me on his cell phone: smiling, arm around Ms Sex in the City.

I told him he had plaster on his nose and forehead (free of bagel), handing him a napkin to wipe it off. I wanted to do it myself, but restrained myself. Of course, I could have suggested he take a shower. But he left, leaving me light. And I didn't even know his name.

Below, Andy Williams goes disco. The '70s disco mix (re-recorded by Andy) of "Love Story" with video.

Now, where did I put my bagel?


  1. Oh my God, only YOU could find an Andy Williams disco remix. I love it! Put it on a compilation!

  2. It's on my "Mondo Disco" volume 1 from a few years back. Ironically, I'm working on "Mondo Disco vol. 4" tonight.