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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adele, "Skyfall" Remixed

As Hurricane Sandy (a/k/a Frankenstorm) threatens to move in and give the northeast/ middle eastern United States a pounding, it may indeed seem that the sky is about to fall. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of NY is already announcing plans to suspend transportation as early as 7 pm Sunday.

As for Dj Buddy B, I'm making sure I'm stocked up on food and booze for a hurricane party while Adele's rendition of the latest James Bond theme song, "Skyfall" (film to open in the USA on November 9) is my perfect song for a perfect storm. I've been playing it for friends who agree it's the best Bond song in years.

"Skyfall" throws drama about for Henny Pennies everywhere, sounding very much like it had Shirley Bassey in mind as the diva to deliver. In fact, musical progression in this number seems modelled on "Diamonds Are Forever" with subtle touches of the 007 theme woven in per usual. As a friend pointed out, "Who but Adele could pull this off out of the new generation of pop singers?"

Co-written by the British superstar,  remixes are starting to surface (Shahaf Moran, Cameron James). Coming to my hurricane party? If you can't brave the falling skies, you can listen to the extended Moran mix posted below:

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