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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Billboard's Diva Race

For those of you following the diva race on Billboard's dance chart, this week Mariah Carey snags the #1 spot, victorious with "Triumphant," probably her best club tune ever. I'd call her a "Winner," but that song, by Pet Shop Boys has currently reached the12th spot on the chart, upwardly mobile, and expected to get into the current Top 10.

Mariah's American Idol rival, Nicki Minaj, slides to seventh place with "Pound the Alarm" (exactly what I'd like to do when it goes off in the mornings). Last week's #1, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," by Pink, is back down at #5.

Kristine W's "Everything That I Got" makes a nice show this week at #8. Offering a fantastic production by Bimbo Jones and boasting several expert mixes, it'll have you up and dancing before its intro is done.

The perennial Yoko Ono, club diva at 79 years of age, leaps into the top 25 club hits, at #20, with "I'm Moving On." And we're glad she is. Love most of the remixes for this one.

And "I'll Say It" by Kathy Griffin cracks the top 25 this week as well! #24 with a bullet to the comedian/diva's remixed tv theme. I adore it!  Hear it at link.

Thanks to all my blog readers! Love you guys (and gals) from Italy to Indonesia, Ukraine to United Kingdom, Russia to Rwanda. (Actually, I don't think I have any readers in Rwanda.) And, to my fellow Americans, I was psyched by this week's Presidential debate; hope you were, too.

Peace and happiness for all! ~~ Disco kisses xxx Dj Buddy B

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