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Friday, September 7, 2012

Kathy Griffin: I'll Sing It

"We all say things we regret. America's Kathy Griffin regrets nothing," The Sydney Morning Herald said. Ain't that the truth? The charming and famously fearless comedian has now become a disco diva too! Thank God for autotuning!

"Holy shitballs!" Kathy herself exclaimed with her inimitable tact on Facebook. "The 'I'll Say It' Remix is the #4 breakout for Hot Dance Club Play. Check out my latest club appearance [at Club Atlantis in the Bahamas]! You never know what club I might show up at!" Holy shitballs! Can't wait for her to come back to NYC! You can download the remixes from, incidentally.

Below, the original version of the song, via YouTube:

It's the intro to KG's outrageous Bravo talk show, as coy and cute as the theme from "Friends." Yet, just as upbeat and undeniably catchy.
Here's one of the great club mixes, however, to give it the cojones we know the bitch has:
One of my favorite moments from Kathy's old "D-List" show, featuring Toni Basil & Bette Midler is below. Luv huh!


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  1. Wow! I'm not the biggest KG fan, but I like her voice and the song. Kind of reminds me of early Tracey Ullman pop.