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Monday, November 5, 2012

James Bond Girls Go Glam

Do Bonds have more fun? Bond girls, that is. OPI has marketed a limited edition of glam polishes for the Bond girl inside of you, ladies and gents, with its James Bond Collection tie-in to the latest 007 movie, Skyfall, opening on Friday.

The polish entitled "Skyfall" is a befuddlingly muddled reddish brown, turns out. It's a color that makes one think the sky fell, your cake fell, your ass fell and you fell down on the job of doing your nails. To the right, pictured, is the more glitzy and scintillating "Man with the Golden Gun" polish. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" brings out your inner Diana Rigg.

There's a "Casino Royale," "The Spy Who Loved Me, "You Only Live Twice" (play Nancy Sinatra and apply), "Octopussy" and so on and so forth. OPI even markets a "Morning Moneypenny" lacquer. Hats off to that one.

"Goldfinger." Now that's a name for nail polish if ever there was one! Isn't it? My God, sensational! Perfect! Unfortunately, OPI offers no such color due to licensing issues. Sad news for all you Pussy Galore wannabes.

Also unfortunate is the fact that OPI didn't market James Bond hair coloring. Imagine "Dye Another Day!"

All right, let the sky fall!

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