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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

US Presidential Nail-Biter Night

Nail-biter night, typical for Election Day Eve every four years. If I wake up and find out Mitt Romney won and will become President of the United States, I'll be one unhappy bitch for some time, but only after I violently toss my cookies come morning. (And I did eat cookies tonight.)

I'm hoping, as Little Orphan Annie sang, that the sun will come up tomorrow, though I know it literally won't as we're expecting a nor'easter. That's right, another storm hitting the east coast! Though I can stand the rain, I tell you, if Obama is still our President.

I went to an Election Night soiree earlier to be amongst like-minded friends, and where dinner was served (roast beast and veg) along with cosmos and wine. The aforementioned home-made cookies filled the bill (and my belly). Believe me, I needed medication and food to get over my anxiety, especially as early red-state Presidential results rode in.

So many votes, so little time. So much voter suppression! Republicans have become very aggressive about their subversive tactics. Have we become a banana republic? Or is that an insult to bananas?

The so-far-too-close-to-call polls seem to favor Obama, and I optimistically hope to wake up to happy news. It may not be on the early morning edition of The New York Times. I might get it from one of my friends, in the ground-floor deli, as he serves me coffee. Those Yemeni guys are Obama supporters. Of Romney, they plainly stated, "He wants to start a war in the Mideast. It's all about oil." Do you think?

Be afraid. Be very afraid. What can be said about a potential American President, on the diplomacy front, who alienates the British?

But I go to bed happy about Senate wins for Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin. And Wanda Sykes just Tweeted: "That's what I'm talkin bout! Bye bye Akin and Mourdock! Women just gave you a legitimate beat down. It was God's will."

The sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar there'll be snow and sleet and wind and an Obama win. Nighty night!

[Right after posting this, it turns out Obama won! I can go to bed with a calm mind. God bless America. And fuck the Romneys.]

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