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Thursday, December 6, 2012

On My Turntables, 12/12

Peter Rauhofer
There's a brilliance about Peter Rauhofer's big room anthem mix of "Skyfall" that will immediately draw you to the dancefloor. All I can say is Wow! It's an exciting rework that enhances Adele's James Bond theme song while preserving the integrity of the original version. You can download at

Peter does an equally fabulous club mix of "Flavor," bringing Tori Amos back to discoland, where she has been sorely missed. The style of this mix is so similar to that of "Skyfall," it's evident they could easily be mixed together in a set, though it also hints at a kind of cookie-cutter approach on Rauhofer's part, perhaps in an attempt to land another mainstream club hit. (Listen at link below.)

Expose is back with the 2012 remixes of "Shine On." (Expose is Ann Curliss, Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno, if you're not already aware.) This '80s girl group is back in style with a well-written song and a series of powerful mixes by Klubjumpers, Amy Alderman and -- my fave -- the Chris Thomas Light of Love remix.

Dj Buddy B when he twirled in his loin cloth
Almighty Records are amazing! They are one of the most successful indy labels of all time and internationally successful remixers as well. Their new cover of Tarzana's "Tarzan Boy," by Amazonia, is unabashedly hiNRG in the label's inimitable style and I love it! It will make you want to twirl in your loin cloth.

Sweden's Gravitonas always engages us with their nouveau NRG/electronica. The band's new "Incredible" is just that, produced by Alexander Bard, the man who brought us Army of Lovers ("Crucified") in the '80s.

All hail hit-making Dj Lenny B's remix of Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath"! It is a "gotta dance," moving, upbeat experience that mainstream club crowds hunger for. Check it out. The Dj Tristan Jaxx bootleg remix of Cher's "A Woman's World" has, meanwhile, surfaced, and who can resist?  "Hard core dance music," was Cher's description of her forthcoming album that will feature this single. Nice work on this leaked, unofficial club mix.

Kisses out to my blog readers this week for record views from Australia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Hungary and Italy. And to the US, UK, Indonesia, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany and Mexico for strong, continued support.

Ok, everybody, it's holiday time! Let's Party and Spread the Love into the New Year!

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