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Friday, December 28, 2012

Q's & A's 2012: Looking Back on My Interviews for the Year

Something new was added to my blog in 2012: my interviews with noteworthy people connected to the dance music scene.

My very first Q & A was with producer/remixer Joel Dickinson, and I thought there was a good rapport in that one, plus Mr Dickinson had a lot of interesting things to say about his career as Joel Dickinson, DJJD and Thee Werq'n B!tches.

My second interview of 2012 was with writer Johnny Morgan, who authored the books, Gaga, and DISCO: The Music, The Times, The Era, a lushly illustrated and detailed account that is truly a favorite of mine regarding its subject. I can't recommend this highly enough to anyone interested in disco music; it's both brilliantly explored and insightful. Here was our Q & A. Johnny, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music generally, was clever, extremely articulate and thoughtful throughout:

Debby Holiday was the first dance diva to agree to do an interview with me. I loved our interview as Ms Holiday comes across as being full of positive energy, with a winning personality shining through. This Q&A came together in time for Gay Pride in NYC, where I'm still hoping she will perform someday soon. Ms Holiday, daughter of soul legend Jimmy Holiday, told me, after seeing the Q & A, that the image of her dad that's included was one she'd never seen before, which I found very sweet and touching.

Debby has charted on the Billboard Top 25 Dance/Club Chart a dozen times to date and you can purchase Debby's music at

Amber Dirks, currently fronting the hot electronica of Kopatechnic, has had an illustrious career in dance music, and my interview with her contains several music videos and images. Ms Dirks was very gracious and kind, discussing her work as a singer, what it was like working with Sister Sledge amongst others, and her Donna Summer connection. Amber's album with Kopatechnic has been released since this interview, and you can purchase it at on MP3.

My last interview of the year was with the divine Carol Hahn, who was just wonderful to talk with. I have been a fan of hers for some time now and have blogged about her since one of my very first Leave It to Beaverhausen posts. Carol is a very bright, sensitive and talented individual. I enjoyed discovering more about her jingles and voice-overs as much as I did discussing her career as a dance diva, who has charted on Billboard's Dance/Club chart several times. This Q & A ended on a very kind, bittersweet and personal note.

Carol recently recorded "You Have Rescued Me" with Karin Nagi, available now on iTunes.

I once again want to thank this illustrious group of dance-music stars for granting me these interviews and for taking out the time to talk with us. Please support these people and their enormous talents. It was a privilege for me to conduct these Q & A's.

And, in 2013: More Dj Buddy Beaverhausen Q & A's! Just wait till you see what I've got cooking, and with whom! Thanks to my readers, Happy New Year, and I hope you've enjoyed these interviews as much as I enjoyed the interviewing.

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