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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gay, Big Spender!

I always thought it was a well-established fact of life, but obviously the Nielsen Ratings found it big news. "Nielsen has come to the shocking conclusion that gay men go shopping a lot," it was reported on Joe. My. God's blog today.

"American same-sex partnered households have significant spending power. In fact, same-sex partnered households make 16 percent more shopping trips than the average U.S. household each year (173 average shopping trips vs. 149 average shopping trips for total U.S. households), according to a recent Nielsen report measuring the shopping habits of U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) households.

"The additional shopping trips translate into a marked difference in total spending on consumer packaged goods (CPG). Same-sex partnered households spend an average of $8,651 each year on CPG, compared with $6,898 for the average U.S. household." 

Apparently, gay men shopped 30% higher than the average non-gay consumer, according to the report. 

Well, this supports my lack of frugality.  I'm part of the in-crowd! 

May I add that the largest items on Nielson's LGBT breakdown were:  liquor/beer/wine (#1); men's toiletries (of course!); coffee; oral hygiene and yogurt. Where was lube? Where was club admission/drinks? Where were dance music downloads/cds? The Nielsons tend to be squares.

But, thank you, Nielson ratings, sweeties, as it's always great to be acknowledged, and it lends support to my personal shopaholism! In fact, I feel like I'm currently in dire need of wine, toiletries, coffee, mouthwash and yogurt! And, I mean, if Obama was really a "socialist," could this buying all be possible? Hey, we are supporting the economy as consumers, bitches, so get a load of it!

Everything for sale isn't in stores, by the way; hear it from the Pet Shop Boys and enjoy your avid consumerism:

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