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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retro Is the New New on Billboard

Dj Buddy B in a groovy space
I'm in a real groovy space right now as I write this, sipping on a little wine (as Gloria Gaynor, I believe, once put it), and listening to the Joey Negro/Sean P compilation double-cd set, "The Soul of Disco: Volume Two." It opens with the funky "Disco Party" by The Escorts, in which gritty, bass-heavy beats and guitar give way to soaring strings and vocals, bringing us back to a bygone musical era . This is followed by the rare Gladys Knight and the Pips' "It's a Better than Good Time," 12" Walter Gibbons mix, which is just disco-heavenly.

I am checking out, in the meanwhile, Billboard's latest top-25 Dance/Club chart, surprised to find it, too, embracing classic dance-music styles, particularly New Wave '80s and '90s House music.

Adele has risen with the remixed pop theme song, "Skyfall," to #10 (from #13 last week), which is more a throwback to the '60s and early '70s as remixed for the Teens. The sublime Oscar-nominated number has several solid dancefloor remixes though it is, no doubt, buoyed on Billboard by the latest re-work by Peter Rauhofer.

"Gold," the Spandau Ballet 1980s classic, has been remixed and remains at #8, more evidence that there is a current popular gravitation to the melodic songs of the 1960s through the 1980s, generally. '90s rock star Lenny Kravitz' "Superlove" peaked at #2, and still remains at 15th place while, at #16, The Pet Shop Boys (who have been with us since the '80s), jumped up three notches since last week with "Leaving" from their current album.

Ciara is "Sorry" at #17 but, seriously,  it's nice to have her back. And it's simply awesome to have another song by '90s diva, Crystal Waters -- still going strong on the international club scene-- up and rising at #20 with the superb, energetic Italo-houser, "A Love to Call My Own." Hope to watch it soar!

How come, when I dance in the street, people think I'm a freak? I was hoping this question would be answered on the great new number by Stereo Missile, "Freak," featuring the vocals of another great '90s diva with powerful pipes, Carlotta Chadwick. The question, as posed by Ms Chadwick, is, however, academic, as it turns out. The electro style by Stereo Missile is coolly retro, and it is currently #22.

Revenge of the '90s House Music continues with  Euro-trance producers Delirium returning with a new hit, "Days Turn Into Nights" (#24). And, to round things off, '90s girl, Tori Amos, returns to the Billboard Dance Chart with her new song, "Flavor," remixed by Rauhofer once again, and up at 23rd place. Retro is the Flavor of Today.

But it's even more retro at the Beaverhausen residence tonight as Janice McClain belts out the mid-temp disco number, "Giving My Love" on my aforementioned cd. Retro is the new New! Or so, at least, it seems tonight.

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