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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divas and Demographics

What a week for diva birthdays! Not only did we commemorate Joan Crawford's, but Chaka Khan and Diana Ross had birthdays right behind her! So, Happy Birthdays, Divas! Where would we be without your desperately needed fabulousness?

It was also just this past week that I stumbled on this blog's review of the new Martha Wash album on that Diva's official web site. I'm wearing her cd out. I play it all. The. Time! Here's the review via Handsomely displayed there. By the way, Martha is one of the cool people who turned her Facebook profile picture into the marriage equality symbol in light of the US Supreme Cort's upcoming decision on the matter.

Diva/songwriter Janice Robinson is in L.A., having recorded a new album, I believe. I've been following her on Facebook and we hope to hear from her, more prominently, here soon. We shall see. Looking forward to new material from this artist. We adore her!

Calling out around the world! Are you ready for a brand-new beat? Thanks to international views outside my beloved US/UK/Canada/Germany base to: Brazil, Iraq, Turkey, Japan, China, Georgia, Ukraine, Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, Chile, Indonesia, Poland, Russia and everybody else who visits here! Big kisses from Dj Buddy B! Music is the great uniter. Beyond boundaries, beyond borders, support international music and keep on dancing! Peace, love and disco!

I leave you with this video of Martha Wash previewing "It's My Time," from her new album, Something Good, at Joe's Pub last year.

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