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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Buddy B's Dish on the Latest Dance, Disco and Diva Tunes in Time for Pride

Believe me, nobody's going to accuse the latest Tony Moran/Deborah Cooper dance song, "Heartbeat," of being verbose. And its minimalist lyrics are not all that's indicative of the laziness inherent in modern house music; it has virtually no melody and relies too heavily on its calculated and clumsy beat. This producer and singer are capable of so much better, together and individually; we know because they've done so in the past. And this Heartbeat is half-heartedly cynical, released during international Pride month and hoping to exploit the credentials of its talents to a target audience. It is #6 on the Billboard dance chart, and got there in eight weeks. I think that's a sad statement about the current dance-music scene and the power of payola.

Yet, there is hope! The disco-funky "Get Lucky," by Daft Punk featuring vocals by Pharrell, hangs onto the #1 Billboard club/dance position, which is a very promising sign. In the #12 spot: the return of the simply sublime Abigail, the UK's brilliant hiNRG songbird, here in a kind of trancey, dreamy mode. The Bouvier & Barona-produced number is called "Surrender" and I believe you'll surrender to it if you give it a listen at the YouTube link below.

Canada's groovy diva, Annie, returns with a catchy dance tune, "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts." Another biggie on Dj Buddy Beaverhausen's current play list. I love the FNM remix especially. Also rather beautiful is a promo I received for the song "Disco Compilation," a well-produced number with a virtual wall of sound surrounding songstress Serafina Steer's strong vocals. I highly recommend it and will be spinning it, especially the Jarvis Cocker remix.

I also received a dance remix of Agnetha Faltskog, essentially a bootleg remix, from her new album, A.  The song is, surprisingly, "When You Love Someone," a mild ballad on the album, but it works in this "Alias" mix as what could be a club floor filler.

Finally, there are no words to describe how fierce the Ralphi Rosario remix rework of Chaka Khan's new "It's Not Over" is! It will positively lift you to the disco floor. 

Love, peace and disco! And welcome, to the island Mauritius, to my blog!

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