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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Secret Disco Revolution

Dj Buddy B must say that this very blog was in on the "Secret Disco Revolution" since its inception. I've loved it, I've promoted it, and I've enouraged it. And, now, there's a movie by that name to soon be released theatrically. The documentary was originally put out on dvd because it didn't have a theatrical distributor, but now it's gone big-time like the re-interest in classic disco itself. You can see it on the big screen or your smaller one. Your choice.

A new disco revolution continues in 2013 with a rejection of dance music dross and a desire to return to a much classier, melodic, better produced and orchestrated dancefloor sound. Club-goers and disco dinosaurs unite! Our time has come!

Meanwhile, I look forward to this documentary (trailer below). Bring back the fun, the excitement, the good times. Your disco needs you, as Kylie sang to us! Support the dance revolution!

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