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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Billboard Dance Chart's Poor Show for Pride

Sadly, so little to enthuse and inspire us this Gay Pride Month on the week's Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart.

Daft Punk with Pharell Williams drop to 4th place this week after holding on to the #1 spot with the disco-funky "Get Lucky."

Tony Moran and Deborah Cooper's "Heartbeat" temporarily hit a wall, stalled at #6. But Abigail's "Surrender" soars from 12th place to #9, which is very good news for lovers of quality, melodic dance music. This is the real deal!

And, finally, the fantastic Chaka Khan is back with a brand new hit on the Billboard Dance chart, sharply rising from last week's 28th place, up 7 spots to #21. Again, Ralphi Rosario's remix is tops.

Get out and dance on your Pride Day, wherever you are. Maybe you've already done so and, in that case, I hope you had a great time. Let me know what really brought you up to boogie on the floor, everyone! Don't be shy to comment on this blog!

And thank you Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Ghana, Ukraine, Philippines for your increased viewership over this past week. Happy LGBT Pride to all! Madison, if you're reading this, check my reply on your blog comment.

Peace, love and disco! Over and out.

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