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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nick Lion on Marilyn, Ari Gold and Love Goddess

The rather dashing music producer/songwriter/new club owner Nick Lion informs us:

I've been an avid fan of Marilyn since I was 8-years-old, after just seeing a picture of her. I was smitten, as were so many millions of others. 
I wrote this song "Love Goddess" as contemporary tribute to her in honor of the 51st Anniversary of her passing. I was also a big fan of Ari Gold's, and I felt his voice had the perfect tone for the song.
I wanted him for the recording, and after the producers auditioned countless talented singers both new and known, none of them were the right vibe. So I finally decided to reach out to my personal choice.
Knowing he usually only sings songs he writes himself, I was hesitant, but I felt if he loved it he would do it. So I sent him the demo, with an email saying, "you're the one I think is the perfect match for the song and the one I want to do it...if you luv it...we'll make it happen. I'm a Leo like Madonna, when we want something we usually get it and make it happen." Two weeks later I got the response I wanted! He loved it, we recorded it and the rest is history!
Order from mp3, and hear sound bites:

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