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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joan Rivers vs. Lady Gaga

La Ga told Kelly Osbourne to "stop being negative" on tv's Fashion Police. Well, the show's star, Joan Rivers, wasn't having it, honeys!

Joan told Huffington Post: "I think this will hurt Gaga a little in the long term. It's brought up again the fact she loves animals and wears fur," says Joan. "'Fashion Police' is funny. Gaga, of all people, should know that. She worked the same little clubs I did in the Village. She has gay followers and she doesn't know funny? For God's sake, calm down. I think that Gaga, who is making hundreds of millions of dollars a year, with a bad nose, should get on her knees and thank God.”

Said the show's executive producer, Melissa Rivers (Joan's daughter):  "I'm disappointed. We are all in the entertainment business. When people say our show bullies people, I get very annoyed. Our show is about fashion and comedy. No one is saying someone is a bad person. When they make millions of dollars a picture and we don't like one of the dresses they get for free, lighten up. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Kelly is such a love. When she called me yesterday, I told her not to answer back to Gaga. I love the fact her mom, Sharon, spoke out. Gaga has so much power and is such an icon and can flip a switch and have everyone turn on someone -- that's the ultimate mean girl."

Joan just posted on Facebook that Lady Gaga's make-up for ArtPop looks as if it was applied by "Michael J. Fox during an earthquake."

"Because of Gaga's contribution to fashion, I'm sitting in herring panties," Joan added.

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