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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Guest Blogger A.J. Reber Meets Diana Ross

A. J. is a Facebook friend who always has me laughing with his clever, crazy posts. He went to the Diana Ross concert in Pittsburgh in late August, and I invited him to be a guest writer on my blog. Here's his take:

The day of the Diana concert, I woke up with pure Electric Silk. I was totally Swept Away. It was a wonderful Chain Reaction.... Anyway, you get my drift! Nothing could ruin my day. Diana was here and I was ready for her!

I called the theater ahead of time to see if I could bring her flowers ~ or not. A few years back, I took flowers to Cher's first farewell concert in 2002, in Philly, and security had a problem with it; they were not going to let me take them in. Though, after a few rounds of checks, I was finally able to bring them in and give them to Cher during her second number. (Ahhh, good times!!)

After a few calls and leaving messages regarding Miss Ross, I got a call back from the right person who said she'd spoke to the concert promoter who said it was fine to bring the flowers. Miss Ross would accept them. Just nothing in a box!!? WHY would I give Diana Ross flowers in a box?? It is all about presentation. I wanted everyone to see the most beautiful two dozen long-stemmed red roses I had purchased for the diva! If I was going to give her anything in a box, it would have been with me in it, of course, labeled "Fragile!"

Before the concert, my best friend, Dawn, and I went to a Diana Ross pre-party that had all her music playing non-stop from every single decade. There were also special drinks and food served in her honor and named after her songs and movies. It was pure heaven to be with like-minded folks! And the atmosphere and surroundings, food and drinks were all wonderful.

I met some fabulous new friends and we all exchanged numbers and Facebook info and some had a few "remix" cds that we had made and all exchanged them. It was just pure happiness all around that night!

When I got to the theater,  I bought a Diana Ross concert t-shirt. I am an xxl but all they had was a large. So, of course, I bought it to have the shirt as memorabilia. Plus, I bought the official concert picture book. It is beautiful and I just had to have it!

Miss Ross came on-stage and was totally fierce. I gave her my flowers while she was singing "I Will Survive" at the end.  I had to hold them through the whole show but it was well worth it!

This was that night's set list  (Aug. 20, Tuesday 8 pm):

I'm Coming Out 
More Today Than Yesterday 
My World Is Empty Without You 
Baby Love 
Stop! In the Name of Love 
You Can't Hurry Love 
Touch Me in the Morning 
Love Child 
The Boss 
Upside Down 
Love Hangover 
Take Me Higher 
Ease on Down the Road 
The Look of Love 
Don't Explain 
Why Do Fools Fall in Love 
Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) 
Ain't No Mountain High Enough 
I Will Survive 
Reach out and Touch Somebody's Hand