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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Octoberry Turntables

Halloween is coming but the latest promos I've received aren't scary at all! In fact, they were quite encouraging for the most part.

The Paperchaser club mixes of Martha Wash's "It's My Time" aren't as successful as I'd hoped for. The club mix is generally too short for club sets, clocking in at 4:45. Though it retains the integrity of the power ballad from the ex-Weather Girl's wonderful, "Something Good" album, it's a bit clumsy in parts, especially in its segue to and from the song's bridge. The Paperchaser Money Mix is just dross with a cacophonous industrial sound that had me searching for the Advil.

Come on, remixers, this is the great Martha Wash, one of the prima divas of dance! Tony Moran, Ralphi Rosario, where are you?

When Madonna kissed Britney Spears at the Grammy Awards, it was the kiss of death as Britney has, in no way, lived up to being the next Madge in terms of career consistency. Now and then, however, Brit surprises us with a new club hit and she is currently back with the hip-hop inspired "Work Bitch!" She's not twerkin'; she's not even werq'n; she's good, old-fashioned working this hot little number. Already hugely popular; expect it to chart in a major way.

With a certain Madonna-esque affectation, Britney has a curious way of sounding British at certain essential moments of enunciation in this partly rapped, partly sung melange. But, let me just admit, this is my current guilty pleasure. I LOVE this song! Official remixes to come though there's a bum crop of bootleg mixes available now.

Judy Cheeks ("Reach") returns to dancefloors with "Without Love We're Lost," sporting a great remix from Paul Goodyesr. (Music link below.) Incredible diva vocals and pure, melodic dance-music bliss.
So cheeky! And Australian diva, Tina Area, is back, too, with the always-fabulous remixers, 7th Heaven, bringing "You Set Fire to My Life" to energetic life for dancefloors. The Cosmic Dawn remix is also aces on this one. Two great new dance songs that will move your heart, spirit and feet. 

Peace, love and disco forever! Enjoy and spread the love!

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