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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Gigantic Win for NYC

Bill de Blasio is the first Democrat  to serve as the mayor of New York City since David Dinkins, defeating Republican Joe Lhota, a longtime adviser to former mayor Rudy Giuliani. It was a landslide victory by 73 percent to 24 percent. (Hey, Lhota! Is the big L on your head for your last name or does the scarlet letter now stand for big Loser?)

Of Blasio: "His landslide victory, stretching from the working-class precincts of central Brooklyn to the suburban streets of southeast Queens, amounted to a forceful rejection of the hard-nosed, business-minded style of governance that reigned at City Hall for the past two decades and a sharp leftward turn for the nation’s largest metropolis," wrote The New York Times.

LGBT people rejoice! This is great news for civil rights in this city, in general. And I congratulate Blasio for his historic win!

Jon Stewart, who is 5'6" (my height) noted this win means "greatest incumbent-successor size discrepancy in the history of swearing-in ceremonies" as 6'5" Bill de Blasio supplants 5'6" Mike Bloomberg.

Fran Leibowitz commented: I think it's very important that we don't ever have a mayor this rich or this short. The richness comes from the shortness, this is what I believe. I believe every single person suffers for what happens to boys on playgrounds. So I really believe that a short boy gets bullied by taller boys, or ignored by them, or doesn't have the same status as they do, they grow up, they get very rich, to kind of get back at these tall boys, and then everyone suffers for this. I like de Blasio for many reasons, but his height is very important.

Napoleon Complex? I understand completely. Now let's give Goliath a chance. Bill de Blasio, let's go!

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