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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beaverhausen's Gossip Galore from The National Enquirer !

"The tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr. was marked by deep sorrow — and intense family bickering over the funerals before the bodies were even recovered, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s secret diary," reports the New York Post.

The tabloid takes its information from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s secret diaries, apparently. "The journal’s entries in the aftermath of the July 16, 1999, plane crash that killed Kennedy, 38, wife Carolyn Bessette, 33, and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette, 34, provide a rare eyewitness account of the intensely private scene at the Kennedy compound and the petty, tense squabbling over whether Carolyn deserved the royal Kennedy treatment."

Meanwhile,  I just read some juicy stuff from the National Enquirer that I purchased mid-week. Katy Curic's wedding is on hold because she's fighting over the pre-nup! Dolly Parton collapses "after rumored lesbian lover is injured in car wreck"! Priscilla Presley's boyfriend leaves her for Raquel Welch!

But the best gossip is about Barbra! According to that publication, 73-year-old husband James Brolin declared, "I want out!" after 15 years of marriage. He is reportedly "tired of his diva wife's controlling way, bossing him around, treating him like 'a second-rate citizen.'" Really? Barbra? I'm shocked!

Brolin complained that, "when she's not ordering him about, Barbra treats him like he doesn't exist," according to a family member. (Jason, is that you?)

Meanwhile, Brolin seems to be focusing on his acting career again, though "pals" say this contention could lead to a $390 million divorce.

As enquiring minds need to know, the paper also contained info on John Travolta's custody battle. According to The National Enquirer, his secret $220 million divorce from Kelly Preston now "explodes!" And it's about Travolta demanding custody of portly childen, Ella and Benjamin. According to The National Enquirer, the tension has erupted in the marriage as the 5-year anniversary of their son, Jett's, death approaches.

Kelly's trying to revive her career with an internet series co-starring Scientology friend, Michelle Stafford, from The Young and the Restless.

John got pretty restless about his ex's ignoring the children at the expense of reviving her moribund career. Hence the custody issue according to the Enquirer.

Doug Goterba, Travolta's former pilot, previously claimed he was the star's lover for six years and there are photos to support that allegation. In a recent trip to Dubai, Travolta "gushed over the local women, saying they 'are very beautiful and exotic in the best way.... And I like women who like men like me.'"

Fag hags, John?

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