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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen's November Turntables

November is off to a hot start with new club music! And some mixes can be found on-line via Sobel Promotions.

First off, it's a chiller killer hi-NRG remix that will take you to the dancefloor from Joel Dickinson. Halloween is over but "Thriller" is timeless. Joel does a magnificent re-work on this Michael Jackson classic that I think will be irresistible for dj sets and club floors around the world. Nice work on the Vincent Price moments scattered throughout. You can download from Soundcloud.

Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft does a monster job on Vicki Shepard's "When Love Comes Calling," bringing the diva's outstanding vocals to a boil. Great pianissimo bridge. Solid, floor-filler stuff!

The new Chromeo & Oliver "Love Is in Control" re-do from the Donna Summer remix album is a very sturdy and uplifting mix with la diva's vocals very much upfront. Bound to be popular on the  floors but be aware it's a compact 4-minute mix in its original form.

Celine Dion's "Loved Me Back to Life" is currently sporting dj remixes. Just got a promo. I was not particularly impressed by the album version despite the diva's typical pyrotechnic vocals. JRMXMusic's remix, however, really delivers. I defy anyone to stand still to this. Magical match of mix and vox. Jump Smokers offer an uneven and hyperbolic re-vamp. Craig Vanity v. Rafael Frost is a bit of a misfired mess as well. The Dave Aude big room effort is very "processed," I found; kind of like Velveeta cheese for the ears. It might become the popular mix that delivers this to club crowds, at least in the USA, but I'll stick with JRMX, people.

When it comes to Icona Pop's "All Night," go directly to the Wayne G/LFB remix.  The Swedish girl duo is most infectious with a genuine pop snappiness in a sort of retro SAW-like style. The aforementioned mix puts this across in an updated '80s retro-progresso fashion. If you don't dance to this, check your pulse.

Finally, thank God it's "Thursday," The song by Pet Shop Boys is the next song off their fresh album, and Eddie Amador delivers the goods to club people globally. Excellent rap bridge by Example.

Until next time, have fun, play safe and get out there and dance! Support club life and it couldl be your life support.

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