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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An ICONic New Year's Eve of Elegance, Fun and Friends

New Year's Eve champagne bar @ Icon
It was my pleasure to return to Icon, in Astoria, on New Year's Eve night. And this time with my good friend, Kevin Scott Hall, cabaret columnist for Edge and Bistro Awards committee member, who is also my downstairs neighbor. We had car service arranged for us and it truly was a special and exciting way to ring in 2014 together.
Me, Nick & Kevin; a happy triumvirate

We were greeted by club owner (as well as music producer) Nick Lion with his usual warmth and graciousness. Nick is a real gentleman in every way and his taste is reflected in the sheer elegance of Icon's decor.

The club is virtually attitude-free with the sweetest, humpiest go-go gods you could ever imagine. It's like gay Nirvana!

Kevin & Tazer & I
It was such a joy to introduce Nick to Kevin as they really seemed to hit it off. I also introduced Kevin to the go-go god Tazer who Nick described as an "old soul" but in a hot, young body!

And, hey! I know I'm vertically challenged but I would appreciate people not equating me with Truman Capote, thank you.

Hosts at the New Year's Eve gala were Amanda LaPore and Carmen Carrera, throwing their own glamor around the room along with the disco lights and adding to the excitement building up to the big countdown to midnight. Amanda was definitely the photo-op queen of the night.

I spoke with the gorgeous Ms Carrera (nee Christopher Roman of Elmwood Park, NJ) at the rear bar (right under the gigantic, sparkling plaques of ladies' platform shoes). She was with a hot date and told me that being on RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag U was a great experience for her. She is now an Elite model, which is no surprise as this transgender woman is an absolute, flawless beauty.

Carmen Carrera (right) and bf
I stuck close to the champagne bar and sat on the comfy, plush, diamond-studded banquets most of the night. Party favors like top hats, noise makers and New Year tiaras were on the tables as part of the graciousness provided patrons. I did, however, get up and bust a move when Dj Amoroso played his hottest tracks, like Alicia Keys' "New York," Aretha's "Deeper Love," Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" and Whitney's "Its Not Right But It's OK."
The Mad Men Look Is Here!
The Bone Crusher & Ms Carrera
Nick introduced me to Carmen's "aunt" who had a bone-crushing date in tow. He squeezed my neck, my hand, my arms with his big, strong hands, Yowzer! It hurt, I tell you! And I'm so not into pain. Definitely one of the most intense moments of the night, though, to be squeezed like a poor lemon.

Finger food was on hand during the festivities, like salami and cheese, though Kevin had served up that plus shrimp with cocktail sauce before we left Bay Ridge.

Kevin, Amanda & I at Icon
It was a terrific night out in every way and everything NYC nightlife should be, especially on New Year's Eve. After midnight, a whole new crowd pushed its way into Icon. It was indeed a place to see and be seen with no video monitors or game machines as distractions.

But, for me, personally, it was a place of warm friendships, old and new, and special endearments. And sexy go-go boys. Shirtless. In bowties! 

Happy New Year!

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