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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Debbie Harry: Vanity Fair 2014 Fashion Idol

Debbie Harry photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine 2014
Conde Nast publication, Vanity Fair, tips us off about its article in the new February issue: In honor of Blondie’s upcoming 40th-anniversary reunion tour, and Annie Leibovitz’s portrait of the singer in the February issue of Vanity Fair, we thought it high time to take a look back at the greatest fashion moments of one of rock ’n’ roll’s preeminent female icons. From punk tees and bodysuits to Stephen Sprouse vintage couture, a survey of four decades of Debbie Harry’s iconoclastic style.

There will be a layout honoring Debbie as punk's fashion goddess. Plus the magazine will feature an exclusive photograph by Annie Leibovitz, an icon herself. (See above.)

I recently enjoyed Blondie's performance in NYC at Roseland, and one of the burning questions on the audience's collective tongue was: "Does anyone know what she's going to wear tonight?" Turned out a little black dress was the style for the evening, it suited her well and she knew how to work it.

Pretty Baby: Harry in 1970, 6 yrs before debut album w/ Blondie
Debbie Harry is a true diva and fashion plate; certainly punk's poster girl in the '70s, and a perennial rock/disco fashion icon for over forty years.

We look forward to getting our mitts on this Vanity Fair issue for this article alone. Congrats, Ms Harry, on getting the recognition you certainly deserve!

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