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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Premier Amour (Remixed & Revisted): Free Downloads

Image by Kael T Block
Pierre Pascual's Premier Amour (Remixed & Revisited), on Madame Visage Records, is now being promoted by Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions. 

Says Barbara (who is Executive Producer, credited on some of the tracks), "The world is yelling and screaming that Beyonce dropped a 'surprise album.' Well guess what folks? Sobel Nation's Pierre Pascual is dropping a Two CD Set FOR FREE. Yes he is giving away 36 songs TO HIS FANS..."! "Sobel Nation Remixers Joel Dickinson and BiTbear are involved in this project as well," Ms Sobel adds, "as well known mixers such as Matt Pop and Chew Fu."

Pierre Pascual, truly a pop artist of great integrity as well as talent, and whom I interviewed at the end of summer 2013 ( states: "The Premier Amour album is the dream of a boy who wanted to be a pop diva.... After several years writing for others, especially for female singers, while continuing to offer me secretly what the world refused me, singing the songs that I liked, I decided that the producer, the songwriter and the singer would be the same person : me." And Pierre most generously wants to share his dream with us:

Would Beyonce do that?  And, hey, talk about ArtPop, Lady Gaga certainly stole a page from Pierre's book!

Pierre inhabits Herb Ritts' Madonna
The mixes of the surprisingly industrial (with hip-hop flourishes) rework of "J'Agace: Boring Star" by Joel Dickinson ("Purple Haze" remix) [Joel was my first-ever Q&A interviewee:], Matt Pop's very Euro-hiNRG "Deneuve Danse" (a favorite Pascual song of mine), BiTBear's "Dirty Pig" remix of "Lache les Chiens" upbeat electro-house interpretation and Chew Fu's big room attack on "J'aime Sentir ta Bouche Glisser" are all stand-outs on an impressive array of remixes generally. 

But listen to them for yourselves to hear what suits you best.


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