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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gaga and Other Divas

Lady Gaga offered fans a chance to win a trip to NYC for her sold-out concert at Roseland on April 7th, the historic venue's final performance before it closes for good. Who just said "apres moi le deluge?" 

Here's the link to win a trip to see Gaga's ArtPop show:

[Buddy B reviewed the ArtPop album last November on this blog, just fyi.]

On this week's Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, La Ga's second dance single of the new album plummets after peaking at 7th place, to # 13. Not to be a party pooper, but my dear! Not so good. Especially since Spice Girl Mel B has reached # 5 this outing, upwardly mobile from # 9 last week, with her new club hit, "For Once in My Life."

Gaga, however, has other news to share, like her appearing in Yves St Lauren designer wear on the cover of March's Harper's Bazaar (see above). When she appeared in that magazine in October 2011, it was daringly without make-up. Now she's put her face back on (or at least someone has) but seems to have forgotten to put on her blouse for the cover shot. Inside, there are other images of the diva, frequently under-dressed for the occasion. In one picture, she is apparently topless and poking her neck through a giant doily.

"Bazaar quizzes her on the secrets of her survival—and finds out why nobody puts Gaga in a corner," the magazine says, hoping to intrigue. That copy bored the shit out of me but -- hey! -- different strokes for different folks! It's all for a good cause, however, as the rag hopes Lady Gaga's glad rags will benefit the pop star's Born This Way Foundation. "See photos from her exclusive March cover shoot and starting February 18th at 9pm EST, in partnership with eBay, you can bid to win Lady Gaga's cover wardrobe...," Bazaar tells us. I shouldn't imagine you'd be wearing these outfits to your day job or place of worship. Or anywhere else in polite society for that matter!
Just in case you don't find all that too exciting, last weekend, Gaga caught Britney Spears' show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Obviously, these divas bonded, as La Ga announced over Facebook: "And Britney's dad gave us homeade [sic] BBQ, it was one of the best things I've ever eatin' [sic] in my LIFE."
Back on this week's Billboard, Cher -- who, last time, was stalled in the # 2 spot with "Take It Like a Man" -- has now dropped a peg to #3.  In the numero uno perch? "Go F**k Yourself" by My Crazy Girlfriend. They sure told Cher off! Such disrespect! 
An electro-house number for the declasse Ke$ha crowd, the fact that "Go F**k Yourself" is #1 says something about the state of dance music at this time. Or maybe just something about the state of Billboard's dance-music chart and its validity (once more in question). Of course, I might twirl to this song were I to win one of those Gaga outfits to boogie in. 
Yeah, that's the ticket!

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