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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Everything That Fits! Buddy B's Weekly News Report for the Week of 4/07/14

It's mostly about the goings on in Videoland this week, my dahlings! Here's my latest news and infotainment:

Well, NBC is about to make tv history, babes, as daytime soaper Days of Our Lives will have the first soap opera gay male nuptials when characters Will marries Sonny. This storyline has been going on for almost three years now. Tie the knot and make it hot, boys! This is not, however, the first gay wedding on daytime tv. No, that honor goes to the lesbian matrimony on All My Children in 2009. Daytime soaps have definitely kept up with the times and the public interest and attitudes.

HBO, meanwhile, will bring Larry Kramer's AIDS drama, The Normal Heart to tv. Well, I must say I never kissed Larry Kramer but we talked. Used to run into him in the Village; we went to the same local deli. And he was always very kind. I was expecting a more caustic tongue but, happily, in our brief chats, that was not the case. He was so down-to-earth, all I think I ever saw him in were cover-alls!

Anyhow, cable's The Normal Heart will air May 25. At one time, Barbra Streisand owned the rights to a film version, but that lapsed after disputes with Kramer. Julia Roberts will take over the role Streisand hoped to covet, Dr Emma Brookner. Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Alfred Molina, Dennis O'Hare and Joel Grey will also star.

Are you ready for Honey Maids, honeys? Because Nabisco is ready to take it on. According to Huffington Post: "Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves for their latest Honey Maid and Teddy Grams commercial where they attempt to normalize sin," members of One Million Moms wrote on the group's website. "Right away it shows two men with a baby, followed by other families, and ends with different families pictured including the one with two dads." They added, "This commercial not only promotes homosexuality, but then calls the scene in the advertisement wholesome."

ABC News later reported: But Nabisco is fighting back. On April 3, the company released a video called “Love” in response to the anti-gay backlash. The clip’s message says: “On March 10, 2014, Honey Maid launched ‘This Is Wholesome,’ a commercial that celebrates all families. Some people didn’t agree with our message.”

The clip shows a variety of Facebook and Twitter comments that call the add “Horrible, NOT ‘WHOLESOME’.” and “Disgusting!!”

The video continues, “So, we asked two artists to take the negative comments and turn them into something else.”

Said artists printed out the negative comments, rolled them all up and created a sculpture that reads “Love” in cursive script.

The clip finishes with, “But the best part was all the positive messages we received. Over ten times as many. Proving that only one thing really matters when it comes to family—Love.”

The camera zooms out to show an entire room filled nearly wall to wall with positive comments printed out on paper.

I love Nabisco cereals and plan to continue buying and supporting them. I recommend them to you, too. Especially Honey Maid and Teddy Grams. Yum, yum, crunch, crunch.

CBS Late Night host, David Letterman, joked about his announced retirement, saying that he made the decision when his make-up artist told him "Dave, there's really nothing more I can do.” Yup, that's when I'd hang it up, too. We'll miss you, Dave!

After a female security guard was trampled, and is in severe condition, by crowds at the Miami Dance Music Festival, the City is calling it quits. Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado officially said, "It's time to say goodbye. We are bringing a resolution to the City Commission. If approved, the city will deny the permits for next year. We'd rather take quality of life instead of money."

Mickey Rooney, child star and trouper, passed away at the ripe old age of 93 of natural causes. We bid him a fond farewell with great silver-screen memories that will keep him alive, for us, forever.

Until next time, that's all the news that fits! As Edward R. Murrow used to say, "Good Night and Good Luck!"

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