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Sunday, April 6, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with "Dominate My Love's" AMBER DIRKS

I first interviewed Amber Dirks in 2012. Check out the link and see how many club hits you know by her.
An amazing voice that at times reminds me of Loleatta Holloway (it's that powerful), at times Donna Summer (to whom she can bear a striking resemblance at times). Amber has a huge club hit now, "Dominate My Love," on the Carrillo Music label. It was time to speak again with one of the sweetest divas in the world, the one, the wonderful Ms Amber Dirks!

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen: Hi, Amber! Thank you once again for the opportunity to interview you. It's always such a pleasure, and your international fans eternally love hearing from you.
Amber Dirks:  I truly appreciate even being asked the opportunity of being interviewed and I love, love, love my fans!

DBB: You are back on the Billboard dance charts with a very, very hot number, "Dominate My Love." I can't get enough of this song! Were you surprised by its popularity? Where has it charted on Billboard as we speak?
AD: I am beyond excited!! Currently “Dominate My Love” is at #26. WOOHOOO!! This is actually the 2nd song that has made the Billboard charts. The first one was titled “My Life” with Chris Panaghi (but my name was not listed) and landed in the top 20 dance charts. I truly appreciate everyone's support with this project!!
DBB: Well, you're going to be credited from now on, believe me! Your vocals are just amazing (as always)! What a powerhouse of a voice and, I think, the type that avid clubgoers desperately want to hear. What did you think when "Dominate" was first presented to you? And how did you connect with producers Bouvier & Barona in the first place?
AD: Actually I have to thank Bill Friar, of Bill Friar Entertainment, as he heard the track and recommended to producers Bouvier & Barona in giving me an opportunity to express my voice on the track. It was agreed to let me record and so Bill Friar recorded my vocals. It was later shared with me that I was not originally considered as the vocal for this song but I am very happy that everyone involved was happy and that its being received very well.
DBB: I know that, in your private life, you're a devoted wife and mother. Despite the obvious inferences of your new hit's title that made it a Black Party smash this season, what would you say "Dominate My Love" is about and how did you approach it?
AD: “Dominate My Love” is about someone that has control of his or her life, mind, body and soul and that nobody can take control of ones aspect of their life. I approached this track with confidence and being in control!

DBB: Your parents moved to Arizona from Holland with you when you were very young. You still reside there and recently spoke very eloquently with me regarding Arizona's proposed discriminatory, anti-gay proposal, which failed to be signed into law shortly after that interview. We've since seen other states propose and even pass discriminatory laws based on "religious freedom." When you see things like this in the news, what does it make you think about what's going on in the USA today?
AD: It saddens me that people in power feel the need to “Dominate” ones life’s views and that, with that power, they abuse it by creating laws to tell someone who they are allowed to “Love” and then to hide behind religion is ludicrous. How can we be the “Land of the Free” when you have certain powers dictating what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable? Again, ludicrous. 

DBB: I always think clubs and the dancefloor are a great uniter, a kind of rainbow coalition where everyone can get together regardless of color, gender, affectionate orientation, nationality, religion or anything else. And when we hear our divas, we are lifted together in the music and the vocals and are united. What is your view on the underlying diplomacy of club life and dance music?
AD: Dance music to me is a freedom of expression and while the dance genre talks about life situations, its subject matters are those that everyone can relate to regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion and I love the way you stated this: “affectionate orientation." 

DBB: You were Miss Black Arizona 1994. What is there about that experience that you have brought to your singing career?
AD: I was Miss Black Arizona 1994 and then I went on to represent Arizona in the Miss Black USA pageant. It was a very different experience for me as I never once thought of myself as pageant material.It was nice to see young, intelligent, beautiful women of color come to together and represent what they believed in and show how real camaraderie really works. It showed me how important listening skills are, poise and how to always be classy and ready to take on challenge and hard work and to always stay true to self. These types of pageants require dedication and hard work and it's not all about the glitz and glam. Although it was a great positive experience, it further helped me realize how much I love singing and performing and that I was ready to take on the needed task to hopefully become respected as an Artist.

DBB: When you get to relax, what do you like to do?
AD: Relax? [Laughs.] Is there such a word? I am very involved with my children’s education and extracurricular activities such as football (I’m also a youth tackle football coach) and gymnastics.  I enjoy cooking, spending time with family and friends and a game of racquetball. 

DBB: "Dominate My Love" is definitely red hot and one of this year's club hits. Any last shout-outs to your fans about the song, and just generally?
AD: I want to thank everyone who is and has been supporting me throughout the years in my musical career. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to share what I love to so many people in the world and one that I never take for granted. I will continue to do my best to give the listeners my heart in every note that I sing!

DBB: Amber, thank you so much for this Q&A. We will certainly all be listening to the incredible "Dominate My Love" dominating the dance charts. Best wishes to you, your family, and lots and lots of love
AD: Thank You so much for this incredible opportunity and what you continue to do for Indie Artist! Much Peace, Light and Love to You and your family and to all that inspire me to continue on with my musical journey!!

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