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Friday, May 30, 2014

Diva Dish: Inaya, Idina, Zhana, Maya, Mariah & More!

What a week this was for diva birthdays! Stevie Nicks, Cilla Black, Gladys Knight, Kylie Minogue, Melissa Etheridge, La Toya Jackson, Scary Spice (Mel B), Idina Menzel. Idina's rendition of "Let It Go" was # 2 on the last Billboard club chart (with Cher's "I Walk Alone" right behind at # 3).

Of course, the tragic news this week was that of poet/activist/playwright Maya Angelou's passing. What a life this woman led! What brilliant people she befriended, and what an inspirational personality for the world. Of course, Westboro Baptist Church intends to picket her funeral. There's a special place in hell for those people, I am sure.

Mariah Carey received an Icon Award from the World Music Awards, and performed at the ceremony on May 27th. On the 29th, she was reluctantly (it appeared) videotaped by paparazzi (or was it really a p.r. team?) when she left the Fresh Air Fund at Chelsea Piers and headed home via subway. In a sparkly blue gown.

Bette Midler's NY Restoration Project collected over $1 million when the beloved diva threw a benefit at Grant's Tomb. (Ullyses S., honeys, not Cary). Thank you, Bette, for your concern for our environment. Mayor Bill De Blasio showed up to place stong political support for the project.

June 10th is the release date for Chrissie Hyndes' new album. This diva can do no wrong and I so look forward to hearing this.

Most rousing song on the dance floor now is "Let the Music Lift You Up," by Matt Consola and LFP featuring fabulous diva vocals by the amazing Zhana Saunders.

And tonight, May 31, NYC Pride will kick off with the supreme Diva of House, Inaya Day. Will be there at Icon in Queens to report!

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