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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Inaya Day Made Some Noise to Usher In LGBT Pride Month

Inaya Day made some noise Saturday night (technically, Sunday morning) to a packed house at Icon, Astoria, Queens and blew us all away. It was the six-month anniversary of the club and a celebration of Queens LGBT Pride Day which was Sunday, June 1.

My friend, Kevin, made the trip from Bay Ridge to Astoria with me. We each had a flute of pineapple champagne in his place before going down for our car which was more than 20 minutes late. Traffic was a mess getting out of Brooklyn and we arrived later than expected but, thankfully, our diva went on later than expected, too.

Nick Lion instantly welcomed us and made us once more feel at home in his plush club. The joint was jumpin' to the dj and it was body-to-body.

I was able to go downstairs, to the club's "green room," to meet Inaya, her promoter and my friend Barbara Sobel, dance diva DeVonde Williams, who I will be interviewing shortly, and some of Inaya's inner circle.

Shortly after I was back upstairs and comfortably seated on a banquette, the diva emerged to take to the stage. And let me say, Day is like a force of nature. What an incredible, powerhouse voice. Amazing! And if you ever have the chance to hear her live, people, don't miss out.

Inaya sang "Movin' Up (Take My Problems to the Dance Floor)" and got us all movin'. Up, down, sideways and swirling around to that great Mike Cruz club smash from '97. It hasn't aged a day as a rousing dancefloor tune. She followed that her latest # 1 Billboard club hit with Dj Escape, "Make Some Noise," and fabulous noise it was. Dj Buddy B was making his own noise at the sheer joy of  experiencing that live.

After showtime, it was "go" time for Kevin and I. We simply hailed a cab outside and were back in Bay Ridge in record time. Thanks to Nick, Barbara, Inaya and all those sexy go-go gods and waiters for a terrific time. Another great Iconic night with a true icon of club music, Inaya Day!

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