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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cine Beaverhausen: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I was actually expecting this film to revolve around an evolved ape named Dawn. Surely, Dawn French could do a hilarious impersonation of an orangutan on BBC-tv.

This is a prequel sequel if you can dig. It's a follow-up to 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes. If gorillas in the mist are your thing, this dark feature film is perfect for you. It's so dark, in fact, I initially thought the projector bulb needed to be replaced.

To me, this movie was just a lot of monkeying around. And for over two hours! Jane Goodall might qvell over this, but it was a big ho-hum to me. The gorilla language often appears in subtitles though they are starting to pick up English and use it with more frequency throughout.

In 1963, Pierre Boulle's  politically satirical novel, Le Planete de Singes (Monkey Planet), was published. Five years later, it was an American movie action classic known as Planet of the Apes and it started a franchise.

Honey, one monkey doesn't stop the show as they say in Poland, but a big assemblage of apes should be a circus, which I suppose this summer flick is in a way. I'd hardly call this swingin' entertainment, however. Glum, I found Dawn of the Planet of the Apes a peculiar choice for summer blockbuster season. Abba-dabba-dabba, this was no honeymoon at the cinema for me as it dragged its knuckles on the floor for its long duration. And, frankly, I find Tea Party people a lot more primitive, scary and far less intelligent than the film's anthropoids, and often more entertaining.

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