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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

But You've Got to Have Friends!

With a friend at the local pub
Bette Midler sang it and ain't it the truth!

Last Saturday afternoon, my friends Tracey and Merv came to Bay Ridge from Newtown, Connecticut. (Yes, where that tragic incident happened. Gun control, people, gun control.) And they came bearing gifts, not guns. A bottle of strawberry wine from Jones Farms, CT is always a treat. (And didn't last long; I had it with Sunday brunch at home!)

I last saw T&M in May to celebrate our birthdays as Tracey and I have ours a day apart. I was asked to bring up a painting by my second cousin, Jessica, who is Tracey's daughter. (Tracey once being married to my cousin; we share a long history together and are sort-of related through marriage.) The purpose was to frame the portrait as a birthday gift to me. Lo and behold, it came to me Saturday and I love this portrait and frame job. I just can't get enough of myself at times, I swear, sweetums! Ideal present.
I've been framed
Kevin, my good friend and downstairs neighbor, came up bearing strawberry champagne and fresh jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. See what kind of friends I have! Sensitive to all my needs! And into strawberry liquors, apparently. Popcorn popped up later, as well.

I provided the party music: the Chrissie Hynde album (I gave T&M a  copy), La La Brooks, Candi Staton. Not a Miley Cyrus or Rihanna track to be heard!

We moved on! To a Thai restaurant Kevin recommended. There was a waiting time, so we then went to a local, very old, very quaint pub for a beer before the eatery phoned us. What delicious food, great service, chic trappings and terrific time at MyThai Cafe with fabulous friends! Yelp reviewers yelped about this joint in a good way.

Subtle product placement
We returned home, this time stopping in Kevin's apartment before T&M headed home. They were invited to stay over but recently bought chickens they keep in a coop.Yes, like a modern day Ma and Pa Kettle, they were off to check on the chicks.

You have got to have friends. And it was worth how sore I felt Sunday morning from my intensive housecleaning for the occasion. But our little summer soiree deserved every drop of my elbow grease.

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  1. that was lovely dahling. My oldest, dearest friend.