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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cher Rests Her Money-Maker

Cher's Dressed to Kill tour is on hiatus until September, but in the meanwhile, our diva can cool her jets knowing it's one "of the most successful treks of 2014," according to this week's Billboard.

"The diva's tour has grossed a reported $54.9 million through the end of its first leg on July 11. A total of 610,812 attendees went to the 49 shows -- all of which were sell-outs."

Looking forward to seeing Cher at Madison Square Garden in the fall, it was a pleasure to discover from Billboard that "[t]he show will get some extra glitter from Emmy Award-winning fashion designer Bob Mackie, who will provide new costumes for Cher. (The pair have collaborated for decades, but he couldn't design outfits for the first leg of the new tour due to time constraints.)"

So, for the rest of the summer, Cher can sit back, relax, and count her currency before setting off to make even more.

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