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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stonebridge & Crystal Waters Take on ICON

Stoney, Nick, Atilla and I
It was 100% pure love under last night's supermoon at Nick Lion's club, Icon, in Astoria. Some of international clubland's most talented and charming personalities were in the house.

Starting at 8 pm, Icon was open for a press conference with dance-music producer Sten Hallstrom (known professionally as StoneBridge) and dance diva deluxe, Ms Crystal Waters.

I first met StoneBridge and his protege, Dj Atilla, outside the club before doors opened. They are simply the nicest, funniest two gentlemen you'd ever hope to encounter. We were then joined by promoter Barbara Sobel, who stepped from her cab fashionably chic with a lovely new 'do and glam black blouse/skirt ensemble.

I introduced myself to the divine Ms Waters shortly after she entered the club. We'd already done an interview regarding her new song, "Be Kind," that she did with Stoney and is destined for the top of the charts at clubs and on dance radio. Crystal is an absolute doll and it was a pleasure and a privilege to meet her in person.

Once the press conference officially began, I asked Sten why he took on the name StoneBridge. Well, wouldn't you just know that Sten means "Stone" in Swedish. Holy Smiles of a Summer Night! And Bridge is an audio mixing term. Get it?

I learned from Sten and Crystal that, although they'd known about each other for ages, they met for the fist time at a club in Amsterdam in 2010. They have now recorded 14 tracks together. If "Be Kind" is any clue as to their collaborations, these songs must all be brilliant. Sten informed me that Crystal has an upcoming album, working with various producers, and some of his tracks will be on it. Already, I want to hear the outtakes!

I told Crystal I'm now a Brooklynite and asked if she ever performed there. She happily replied that she has performed at Brooklyn Pride. She also performed at the old Spectrum club in Brooklyn with its iconic dancefloor (filmed in Saturday Night Fever). I told her that, in the '90s, I used to come into Bay Ridge from Manhattan, with friends, to dance there.

As we were side by side at the buffet supplied by Icon for its VIP guests, ready to chow down, I asked Crystal about her being the youngest recipient (at a mere 14) of the American Poetry Society. "My mother found my poems and submitted them," she informed me as she put a turkey/chesse-on-crusty-Italian on her plate. Was she eying the potato salad or getting inspired to pen a new song? Or both?!

Roped into the VIP area, it was a delight to schmooze with Nick Lion and guests like Get Out Awards 2013 Award Winner, Eric Alan, the club's Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Sobel and others.

Resident dj Ian Ford started the night and ushered in the excitement after doors officially opened. Then Dj Atilla brought everybody's booties to the floor and finished his dynamic dj'ing once the very physically kinetic StoneBridge took over with rock keyboardist moves behind the booth.

StoneBridge opened his set with "Be Kind," which brought the booties to the dancefloor en masse. There is no way this can't be a huge, global hit! Crystal's best song ever! And THAT is saying something!

Party pictures:

Go Go God

Young Icon clubgoers
Me & Crystal Waters
Ian Ford
Eric Alan & I

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