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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cher's Last Tour ~~ And This Time She Really Means It!

An article in England's gay magazine, Attitude, reports:

Cher has insisted that her current tour will be her “honest to God last”.

The Grande Dame of gay icons played her first show on ‘Living Proof: the Farewell Tour’ in June 2002 – and didn’t wrap up the 325-date global trek until August 2005.

She later played 192 shows during a residency at The Coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas between 2008 and 2011, before hitting the road again earlier this year on what she has named the ‘Dressed to Kill Tour’.

Attitude bases this on the diva's Tweet to a fan today, July 9: "...This is my honest 2 god 'last' farewell, farewell tour, cuz I'll b dead."

Well, for one thing, I think Old Girl still has a lot of life in her, frankly. And note that the word "last" is in quotes. As in her so-called last tour?

"The Dressed to Kill tour began this March – and is currently scheduled to run until November, with a total of 74 dates on the itinerary, all in North America," Attitude points out. Might she extend it to tour the rest of the world between now and then? Perhaps after a brief respite for the holiday season?

My hunch is, despite what Cher may have written on Twitter, Dressed to Kill will go back on the road but outside the US. Why would Cher not play to her adoring fans worldwide? For one thing, think of all the money, honey! It's a Diva's World.

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