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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Martha Wash Is Not Coming Down

"I'm Not Coming Down" is the latest single off Martha Wash's album, Something Good, to get the remix treatment for dancefloors and dance radio.

First came the Tony Moran/Deep Influence mixes (on Moran's Sugar House label) which have so far signifantly helped the song to the #2 spot on the current Billboard chart... and it doesn't look like the diva is coming down right now. I expect this to take the top spot later in the week. In any event, Ms Wash has another solo club hit on her hands.

It was my distinct pleasure to briefly meet ex-Weather Girl Martha Wash after her show at BB King's in NYC in 2012. (And to give her a photo-op smooch on the cheek.)

New mixes have been circulated amongst djs which has enhanced the performance power of "I'm Not Coming Down" in clubs as well. The album version presents us with an inspirational, upbeat and well-crafted pop ballad. The new mixes are the various icings on that cake.

At close to 9 minutes, the Phil B/Leo Frappier Mix is a disappointment from two of my fave remixers, actually. Though it showcases Martha's power pipes, instrumentally it is a bit spare for my taste with rather unremarkable electronic embellishment. Wayne G's Throwback Club Mix indeed has a nice '90s-like house-music quality. But more successful, exciting and likely to get my ass to the dancefloor is the Rosabel Anthem Mix, a big-room sound with a nice, spoken intro by the diva. John LePage/Brian Cua's mix is also an appealingly rousing hands-in-the-air endeavor as is Ranny's Big Room Club Mix. Gustavo Scorpio's remix has its moments but perhaps kicks off on such a high, it has no place to go, thereby sounding redundant about 4 minutes into its eight-plus.

Nonetheless, nice to find Martha available in so many mixes, back at the top of the charts where she belongs and with a well-done promo video of the song to boot.

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