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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Last of The Ramones

This morning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Darlene Love said on the passing of Tommy Ramone, it's the "End of an era."

All four original Ramones died relatively early in their lives, Tommy being 62. The drummer was a founder of The Ramones along with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny. Born Erdelyi Tamas in Budapest, Hungary, Tommy Ramone performed on the first three Ramones albums: Ramones, Leave Home and Rocket to Russia ('76-'77).

He also produced the iconic punk-rock band's 1984 album, "Too Tough to Die."

Today, fellow punk-rockers, Blondie, issued the statement: "He was a lovely gentle guy, super smart... the last of the original Ramones line-up.... We can only imagine that those four guys are all together someplace now."

Tommy Ramone died Friday, July 11 in hospice care in Queens, NYC, following treatment for bile duct cancer.

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