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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mr Big Feet, What Do You Say You Are?

During his career, Ian Thorpe, the Australian Olympic athlete, denied rumors that he was gay. But, like many retired athletes before him, he has come out of the locker and into the news. Certainly, in the macho-minded world of sports, this is still a brave move. In Australia's Sunday Telegraph, Thorpy spoke frankly of battling depression while he was denying his sexuality to the public. George Takei said, "Those who believe it is no big deal or brave... should read the hate mail, threats and disparagement I receive every day."

The champion, gold medal-winning swimmer from Sydney is 6'5" and has size 17 feet. And you know what they say about men and shoe size! Foot fetishists know that this is a whole lot of territory to cover. And where do you find flippers in a men's 17?

Ian's big dogs and long legs are what helped the now-31-year-old paddle and propel across pools around the world. Buddy B is thrilled that Ian is now, hopefully, free, gay and happy, but my burning question is: Is he single?

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