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Friday, July 25, 2014

Where Is Casey Kasem? Part 2

Cherchez la femme when it comes to the whereabouts of Casey Kasem's mortal remains. The Hollywood Reporter wrote yesterday that Kasem's corpse was taken from Tacoma, Washington's Gaffney Funeral Home to Canada, confirmed by a Gaffney employee. Family spokesperson, Danny Deraney, told the press that Kasem's children "deserve the right to know where their father is buried. Nobody is asking to negotiate. It's a right they, along with his family and friends, deserve."

Mike Kasem, Casey's son, called widow Jean Kasem, "bat-shit crazy" to answer the question as to why she might be hiding her husband's cadaver. He also posed these rhetorical questions to The Hollywood Reporter: "If she loved him, then where was she at the end of his life when we reached out to have her by his side? Why would she leave his remains for weeks before making a move? Why would she recite scripture while hurling raw hamburger meat at my sister? Why would she cut him off from everyone he loves, friends included — are we all assholes? Why would she rip him out of a care facility at 2 a.m. against doctors' orders to take him on a road trip he is not equipped to handle? Why would she list their residence on the death certificate for the last 18 years as 'Jerusalem, Israel'? Why would she play actress, fall to the floor in front of cameras outside the courtroom, screaming, 'They have blood on their hands,' and then go hang out with her boyfriend? Or tell a judge he's incompetent? Why would she call a nurse at the hospital a fat-ass? Why wouldn't she ask the doctors why we took him off life support? Because your husband was choking on his own fluids! Which you would have known if you had cared to be there or inquire! Pattern much? Would anyone care for some nuts? I've had too much over the last 30 years, no thanks."

THR also added: "Neither the widow's lawyers nor Jeannie Kasem herself responded to THR's emails, except for sending THR an apparently accidental cc of a letter to her attorney instructing him to 'stick to the agreement' — apparently an agreement not to give THR an interview.

"Widow Kasem did tell CNN she has been 'blackmailed' by her husband's children for 35 years. 'This is a shakedown and I will not negotiate with terrorists.... I will not give in to their blackmail and attacks.'"

Meanwhile, TMZ informs us on-line that Jean's "attorneys are cutting her off ... claiming she's a pain in the ass client who also happens to owe them a ton of cash." TMZ candidly continues:

According to documents filed in Casey Kasem's conservatorship ... attorneys at Haney & Young are asking the court to relieve them as counsel for Jean, ASAP.

The lawyers claim Jean rarely responds to their emails -- and refuses to communicate by phone -- and worst of all ... she's racked up $500,000 in unpaid fees during her various legal battles.

In a letter to Jean, the firm says if she doesn't pay up ... the money's gonna come out of Casey's estate.

We've made calls to Jean, but she's not getting back to us either.

Santa Monica Police, meanwhile, confirmed there's still an ongoing investigation into elder abuse by Jean Kasem.

Jean, Jean, you're young and alive, come out of your half-dreamed dream. Hiding your celebrity hubby's corpse isn't cute anymore. It's old and cold, just as he must be right now. The countdown is on, babycakes, because the way the shit is going down, life is just not going your way.

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