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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Continuing Chronicles of Casey Kasem's Carcass

When will Casey Kasem finally rest in peace? Jean Kasem, Casey's widow, made arrangements to bury the famed dj and radio/tv personality in Oslo, Norway. Despite Casey's wishes -- expressed in his will -- to be buried in California, Jean announced, "My heritage on my mother's side is Norwegian and I plan to move to Norway by the end of this year, therefore, I would also like to be near my husband's resting place so my daughter and I could visit him often." Kasem died June 15th, by the way, and so far funeral and burial dates have yet to be arranged.

"As far as I know, he is not in Norway yet," the Oslo funeral director told NBC News. Meanwhile, "The family wishes that Jean would honor their father’s wishes and bury him in Forest Lawn where he’s always wanted to be," a spokesperson for Kerri Kasem, Casey's eldest daughter, said to the press. Kerri later added that Jean "is not by any means of Norwegian descent."

Twenty of Casey Kasem's relatives and friends recently appealed to the Norwegian government, by letter, to deny Jean's request to bury her husband's remains in Oslo.  "Do not be fooled into believing his wife, Jean Kasem, who abandoned and isolated him during the last year of his life in favor of her boyfriend, John Paul Gressy,"the letter adds. They're just sayin'.

Two days ago, TMZ reported that Jean "is NOT off the hook just because she's thwarting the efforts of cops to get a full autopsy ... to determine if she committed elder abuse ... because we've learned cops are confident they have the goods to nail her....

"Law enforcement sources now tell TMZ ... although they'd like to have a full autopsy, detectives believe they have enough evidence to present the case to prosecutors. They've interviewed doctors and others who examined Casey during the car ride ... and cops say it's incriminating stuff."

And so the ghoulish saga goes on... and on. Stay tuned for Buddy Beaverhausen's next episode of As The Corpse Spins.


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